Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tita Cory's Magic : Aug,1-2 2009 (Part1)

When I heard about Tita Cory's death last August 1 3:18 am, there was deep grief in my heart. She has been my model when it comes to faith, simplicity, service for others, and COURAGE. I hope that I can practice these values.

As I passed by Paseo de Roxas's Ninoy's statue by 8:30 am, there were some photographers taking pictures. The tarpauline wrapped around the statue reads "Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa." Knowing from Marita that she died during a Holy Hour, and the first Saturday of the month made me realize that she is endowed with God's loving promise of eternal life.

By 12:00 pm when I passed my the Makati Stock exchange, there was a group of people gathered praying and singing songs. I was amazed at how fast they have assembled to pray.

My family and I travelled to Baguio from 1pm to 6 pm. Upon reaching our residence, we immediately watched the tributes of different TV stations to our President Cory. Vicky, my sister in law, and I were in tears as we watch history unfold from 1983 to the present.

On August 2, Pepe, I and the kids reached Manila by 9 pm. I invited him to go to LSGH to fall in line , hoping that we can enter and view her remains. We were happy that it was not as traffic as we thought. We were lucky that our car found a space in next to Ortigas' overpass across LSGH.

11:00pm As we crossed to the LSGH's side and find the end of line, my husband estimated that the line is 4 km and will take us 4 hours to reach the gym.We retreated because we have to wake up early on Monday. I have a talk in Manulife in Makati, and he has a client call.

If there is one consolation that I should be grateful, it would be the image of long lines of families, old and young, religious, military and civilian, female and male who patiently waited their turn to pay the last respect. I felt the Cory Magic. People really love Tita Cory and they are willing to wait and say a prayer for her.

I said my prayer when we reached back home.