Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thank You, Tita Cory ! Aug 3, 4 pm (Part 3 )

August 3 11AM By the time I finished my talk, it was just close to 11. It took me fifteen minutes to reach the first floor because the LKG employees started to descend to be part of the history in Ayala Avenue. Tita Cory is scheduled to take the Ayala route from Ortigas until it reaches Manila Cathedral.

Surprisingly, the breeze and wind balanced the sunny weather. All I can say, it is a miracle that it's not raining nor too hot. I truly believe it is meant for the all the Filipinos to gather in Ayala to reminiscence and rekindle the People Power.

I was undecided then if I will be take part in Kaisa's group to be in Manila Cathedral by 130pm. I just prayed that I will not be stuck in the traffic and be just on time in Bahay Tsinoy. To my surprise, I reached Intramuros by 115 and that was like 60 minutes travel time - not bad.

When I reached Bahay Tsinoy, I saw Auntie Tessie instructing the students on the procedures for the Chinese ceremony. Around 215 pm, the PNP escorted the group to the side entrance of Manila Cathedral. We were around 200 people composed of students, teachers, and Kaisa members.

We waited like four hours before the cortege of Tita Cory arrived in Manila Cathedral. It took five hours to travel from LSGH to the church. When the cortege was inside the church, the rain started to pour.

It was a privilege to be part of the group who welcomed Tita Cory in Manila Cathedral. I felt that my heart was so sad, and I know I was there for a reason. I know that the Lord allowed me to pay my last respect when my attempt in LSGH was futile. It's all God's work that Tita Tessie included me in her list of people to invite. And its a miracle that there was no traffic, and I arrived on time.

I prayed that her soul may rest in peace. I thanked her for helping Philippines where it is now. I asked her too to whisper some petitions on my behalf to our Lord - good health, peace and love in the family.

We were grouped by five to ten to view her remains. I did not see her completely since I was designated to stay behind the casket. I took few glimpse of her, and all I could say that the person is not that of Cory's. Maybe because I refused to believe that she passed away, or I still picture Tita Cory as the lady with the smile and the Laban Sign. I quietly thanked her for the sacrifices that she did for us and serving as an inspiration to be sincere public servant. She indeed united our country.

It's my first time to attend a wake in Manila Cathedral , and it's my first time to see a diverse group of people - religious, politicians, artists, NGOs, media, students, military, and the common people - in one occasion.

I realized that the privilege to be one of the those to pay the last respect without sweat tells me I have a responsibility to perform. Until now, I am praying for the answers. Only time will tell, and through faith can I comprehend my future roles as a public servant, professional, mom, wife and child of God.

I left Manila Cathedral by 500 pm and reached home by 630 pm.

Thanks Tita Cory !