Sunday, March 8, 2009

Accidents do not happen without a REASON

Amiel Alcantara's life was cut short by an unthinkable accident in the Ateneo campus. Never in my life did I hear such story where a boy is squeezed in between to vehicles in a traffic, in a parking , and while in a campus.

The accident is a concrete example that such can happen to anyone regardless of social status, age, gender or place. Very often do we think that we are sheltered from danger as long as we take extra precautions. Unfortunately, not all think and act the same way. Even how careful one is , there is still no guarantee. If the person next to you is not as particular with road safety or his social responsibility, then anybody can be a victim.

To the Alcantara's, our family is deeply shocked and saddened by what had happened to your son and your family. The pain from the loss will take some time to heal. It's only through God's grace that you will surely move on and find meaning in these difficult times.

Because of the accident, I realized that life is too short. It's best that we continue to invest in nurturing the relationships in our families and communities. So that when we retire and go back in the loving arms of our Lord, we can say that our short stay has changed the lives of others.